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Name: Porterville

Famous as the home of the rare Disa Uniflora, Porterville is the only place in South Africa where these extraordinary flowers bloom, the rarest being the sulphur yellow Disa.

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Contact Person: Nathalie Wagenstroom

Tel: +27 22 9313732
Fax : +27 22 9313732

Address: Cnr of Voortrekker & Mark street

A 140 km drive north from Cape Town lands you in Porterville,a picturesque town on the slopes of the beautiful Olifants River Mountains. Established in 1863 after its founder Frederick John Owen subdivided his farm Pomona into plots, the town was named after a popular Attorney General of the Cape, William Porter.

Its main attraction, Waterval (Waterfall) Holiday Farm is located at the foot of the Olifants River Mountains, 5 Kilometers from Porterville. The naturally beautiful holiday farm offers visitors 22 Waterfalls, Hiking Trails, Mountain Bike Routes, Horse Rides, Picnic & / Camping Facilities, Barbeque Facilities and beautiful natural swimming pools.

Climatic conditions vary from dry, hot summers with powerful cross winds, making it the ideal location for paragliding enthusiasts, to severe winters, with snow on the mountain peaks and storms rolling in from the Atlantic coast in the west.

Dramatic rock formations, fauna & flora in the Groot Winterhoek Nature Reserve (en route to the Dasklip Pass) on the outskirts of Porterville, offer hiking trails to places called "DIE TRONK" & "DIE HEL" and features one of the largest, natural rock pools in South Africa. This is in sharp contrast to the gently undulating plains of wheat below and the abundance of waterfalls.

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