Friday, September 18, 2009

Fort Beaufort (F14)

Name: Fort Beaufort

Fort Beaufort is named of the Duke of Beaufort, father of Lord Charles Somerset, Governor of the Cape

Martello Tower, the original fort, was built in 1857. 9Km from town is a suplur spring.

Fort Beaufort was founded as a military stronghold in 1822 against Xhosa warriors. A town was established in 1837, and became a municipality in 1883.
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An amateur geologist and later builder of many mountain passes, Andrew Geddes Bain, built the first road from Fort Beaufort to Katberg in the north in the 1840s. During the construction of the road near Blinkwater he discovered a fossilised reptile, which he promptly named the ‘Blinkwater monster’.

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