Monday, November 9, 2009

Hlobane (K 10)

Name: Hlobane

Vryheid · Close to Vryheid · Louwsburg · Hlobane · Mineral Spa's
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Hlobane - The Anglo Zulu War of 1879

Cloud and an early morning drizzle slightly marred the visit to Hlobane. The talk was, however, most instructive and the excellent large-scale maps, which Mr. Chadwick had drawn to illustrate his talks, lessened the disappointment of not being able to see the actual mountain and places of interest which could on1y be indicated in a general direction or on the maps. The clouds, did, however, lift as the party travelled back along the road to Vryheid and for a few minutes Hlobane mountain stood out in all its beauty and the members were able to appreciate visually the difficulties and problems its precipitous sides must have presented to fugitives, rescuers and attackers. From Hlobane the group moved to Lancaster Hill which dominates Vryheid and which was the scene of a short but hard-fought battle during the South African War. Here Mr. Wade treated the members to a most interesting talk which included details and anecdotes seldom, if ever, written about and heard only by those previously fortunate enough to have Mr. Wade as a guide to this interesting battle-field.

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