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Holmdene (H 10)

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Holmdene Farmers. Association. P O Box 205. Standerton ...... railway line. [This is a good suggestion but because servitude restrictions for these .... Mr Willie Bredenkamp – station manager for the Perseus Substation – showed the ...

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Mining provides opportunities for backward linkage / import replacement given that there are two coal mines located at Thuthukani which is an approximate 50km from Standerton. These opportunities could also be explored in Thuthukani itself.
The Vaal River, one of South Africa’s largest rivers, flows through the District on which, the tenth largest dam in South Africa, namely the Grootdraai Dam has been built. The dam provides sufficient water for all needs in the area and will be able to do so for the foreseeable future, which is a considerable asset to the region. The damis 12 kilometers out of Standerton, and is a major tourist attraction.

Opportunities for economic growth also centre around Grootdraai Dam and could include:

Branding of Grootdraai Dam as an active water sport recreation area which is pollution free;
Weekend getaway within the 2 hour radius from Gauteng;
and Eco-tourism destination.

Lekwa Municipality and in particular Standerton, which is the official seat of the municipality, has a number of advantages regarding infrastructure, offers the opportunity to start a new business or buy an existing business and expand it according to your own choice.


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