Saturday, July 24, 2010

Warmbad (H 6)

Name: Warmbad

Bela Bela, a Northern Sotho name meaning "Boiling-Boiling", which is synonymous with the town's world-renowned hot water springs was discovered by the Tswana's in the 1800's. Hot water bubbling out of the earth at approximately 22 000 liter per hour with a temperature of 53°C and the close proximity to Gauteng make this destination even more popular. The area has pleasantly mild climate during the winter months with an average of 286 sunny days every year add to the popularity of this destination. Our temperature in summer range between 15,7°C - 29°C and winter from 6,7°C - 24°C. Our resorts offer excellent accommodation, sport & recreation, conferencing, Big Five, hiking, game drives, quad bikes and much much more.

Pop over to Bela Bela where the natural hot springs in town - rich in limestone minerals, attracts thousands of visitors who come to the town to enjoy the healing qualities of the waters for which the local resort is famous. The many game farms offer a wide range of activities from night drives, game walks and testing hiking trails. Golfing and adventure sports centres have also been established here for the adventure enthusiast.

On Gauteng's doorstep, only 100kms North of Pretoria, you will find the holiday of a lifetime! You will be pampered and restored at any of our numerous lodges! Holidays come alive in Bela Bela – fun in the sun in the water and in the bush, with many lovely restaurants and lots of accommodation, plus a low crime rate.

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