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Witmos (E 14)

Name: Witmos

"Dassiedeur used to be a siding on the railway line between Drennan and
Thorngrove in the old days. The line now runs south from Drennan via a
tunnel to Nelland, then on to Witmos, Klipfontein, Thorngrove, Slagtersnek
and Cookhouse. The old Dassiedeur section is now used as a service road and
accessway for farmers.

There are many Waterkloofs in SA. Amongst them there is one situated in the
Free State between Colesberg and Philippolis. (not on a railway line).

Duncan FERGUSON in Cradock may be able to help re the history of the
railways in the Eastern Cape. His address is 89 Hospital St. and his
telephone number is 048/8813206."

From: "basieh"
Subject: Re: Railway Sidings in Cape
Date: Thu, 7 Mar 2002 22:33:35 +0200
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p4.....Mnr S.C. Greeff koop toe die plaas "Vischkuil aan de Buffelsrivier",
groot 11,345 morge vir 800 pond, met die oog op die uitlĂȘ van 'n dorp.
.........Uit die aantal hout-en sinkhuisies by die spoorweghalte "Baffalo
River" het ongemerk die dorpie NASSAU gegroei.*1
.........Op uitnodiging van Mnre S.C.Greeff en Ryk Meiring kom Mnr T.Laing,
kommissaris van Kroongronde, hierheen. Deur sy toedoen is die servituut toe
sodanig gewysig dat 'n pad van 150 voet 'n deurtog deur die dorpaan die
trekboere sou verseker. Om sy naam te verewig, is die dorpie toe vvernoem na
"Laings Town", later Laingsburg*2
*1 Aangesien verwarring met "Baffalo River", Oos Londen, voorkom, vind die
naamsverandering plaas.
*2 Die naamsverandering is deur mnr. Laing aan die hand gedoen omdat die
boere "Laings Town" "Linkstoon" uitgespreek het.
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Subject: Re: Railway Sidings in Cape

> At 05:30 PM 3/5/02 Africa/Johannes, you wrote:
> >Sarah
> >Jose Burman's "Early Railways at the Cape" is the best general book on
> Cape Government
> >Railways. George Pauling's Memoirs of a Contractor? / Chronicles of a
> Contractor? - sorry
> >can't remember the exact title - is the best about the construction of
> railways until
> >about 1895.
> >
> >The topographical maps - first 1:250 000 then 1:50 000 which can be
> ordered from the
> >Surveyor-General in Cape Town should be the best source for siding names
> as they were
> >drawn in the early 1980's when even the most obscure siding of station
> still
> >operational before privatization. The Surveyor-General's website is:
> >
> >
> A word of warning. Maps are no longer cheap and there have been countless
> cases of name changes of sidings and even stations in the late 1800's and

> into the 1900's. The old name won't appear on any map that you can buy
> There was correspondence, a few months ago, about the siding
> which was on the main lime between Cape Town and Pretoria. It was situated
> north of Laingsburg and the name was changed to Koup early last century.
> that time, Laingsburg had another name, which I can't remember.
> Old siding names is a bit of a minefield.
> Regards
> Wally Greig

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