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Solomondale (J 5)

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Reboile, Limpopo10
The Legodi were removed from the Reboile area in 1960 and resettled at Solomondale, Naledi and
Ga-Mashashane. The Reboile community submitted its claim for two farms in 1998. The claim was
settled in 2002 in favour of 476 households. The community established the Reboile Trust, which
has 734 registered beneficiaries. A portion of the land has been planted with proteas which the
previous owners were growing for export. However, the dominant economic activity is mining. As part
of the settlement agreement, the trust entered into a 99-year renewable lease agreement with Anglo
Platinum (Amplats) which enabled the mining company to build a smelter on the remainder of portion
6 and portion 49 of the restored property and extract unlimited water. Amplats paid an amount of
R4 million and promised further benefits including employment and small business opportunities.
Since the signing of this agreement, conflict has broken out concerning the validity of the verification
process in respect of some members. In 2005, seven applicants approached the High Court for an
order to disband the trust since it contained a significant number of people whom the applicants
alleged were not valid claimants. The High Court initially found in favour of the applicants, but this
was overturned on review. The final court order had the effect of expanding the number of trustees to
include both the incumbents and the applicants.
SDC intervention
and key strategic
Similar to the Mamahlola situation described above, this case highlights...

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