Friday, October 30, 2009

Heathfield (A 17)

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Clean up around local railway station

Spring Spruit Clean up, Parkhurst

Clean up around local railway station

We have a lot of open land near the Heathfield Railway station (Cape Town) which we decided needed a clean up. The spring flowers are beginning to bloom here but are spoilt by all the rubbish surrounding them. Unfortunately, we left things a bit late and only walked around the neighbourhood on Friday evening with a notice to all neighbours to come and help clean up the area on Saturday 6th September 2008 from 12h00. Two neighbours joined us (thank you Andre and Ricardo) and between 5 of us, over 4 hours, we filled 20 odd black bags of rubbish from the area, which we took to the local dump.
We left a large pile of branches, building rubble, computers, chairs (bigger rubbish) for another neighbour to collect - thanks Charles.

I use the Footprints recycling depot in Wynberg for all my recycling as I love what they do there and think it’s such a great initiative. Unfortunately, during the clean up we did not have the woman/man power to sort the waste for recycling.

We'd really like to do this on a more regular basis and get more people from the area involved. We're going to try to motivate for rubbish bins to be supplied as there isn't one bin between the Spar on Main Road and the station - so everything is just thrown down.

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