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Greytown (K 11)


Greytown, situated on the Mvoti River, was established in 1854 and named after Sir George Grey, the Governor of the Cape at that time. It was also the birthplace of General Louis Botha, the first prime minister of the Union of South Africa in 1910. Driving through the Greytown area you will see timber plantations and if you are travelling north towards Dundee, stop off en route to look at the Bushman paintings on the rocky hillsides.

Accommodation in Greytown
The Post House
Attractions in Greytown
Lilani Spa
38 Km on the Stanger Road, popular and is favourably compared to the best in Europe.

The Greytown Museum
The Greytown Museum is situated in Scott Street between Durban and Voortrekker Streets in a building erected by Dr Birtwell in 1879 and sold to the Colonial Government as "The Residency" or "Drostdy" for the local magistrate. It remained as such until 1971 when the then Magistrate found it unacceptable and persuaded the authorities to build a new residence on adjoining land. The then Borough Council acquired the property and the Gerytown Museum was officially opened on 17 August 1973 by the Administrator of Natal, Ben Havemann. It is now a National Monument and considered to be one of the best small museums in the country

The Kop
This hill 45 km from Greytown on the Stanger road, overlooks the Tugela River, which meanders nearly 700m below. From the eyrie of the Kop one can view black eagles, rock kestrels, white-necked ravens, lanner falcons, rock pigeons, red winged starlings, alpine and black swifts, lesser- and larger-striped swallows.

Greytown Town Hall
The foundation stone was laid in 1897 but the building was only opened in 1904 after redesigning by Street Wilson on original plans drawn up by Stott and Tomlinson. The Towns resources had been drained by the Anglo Boer war, so the building was only partially completed in 1898.

Vintage Tractors
Vintage and veteran farm tractors of English and American manufacture dating between 1920 and 1953.
3km from Greytown on the way to Mooirivier

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