Friday, October 30, 2009

Heilbron (F 10)

Name: Heilbron

Long before the Battle of Vechtkop, European hunters have been active in this area. Heilbron forms part of the Riemland (Place of Thongs). The first law on game was already published in 1858. News travelled very fast about the Game rich area. It became the Mecca for Sport Hunters. The Battle of Vechtkop took place during October 1836. Histiotians claims that hunters were active in this area at that stage. Shiploads of skins were exported to Britain an Europe at that time. Dissatisfied farmers from the Eastern Cape formed different parties and headed either to Natal or futher North. Mzilikazi chief of the Ndebele was strict and punishment severe for those who did not follow his rules. Mzilikazi was very ambitious and he raided cattle from any and sundry. When word came about white people trekking north, he knew that his way of life was in danger. He gave orders to his impis to annihilate any group they came up against. Several small groups of trekkers were killed; fortunately some escaped and could warn other groups. The party at Vegkop 34 able-bodied men able-bodied men and could prepare for an attack.

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