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George Goch (F 9)

Name: George Goch

Liaten to the musin of the George Goch Mine Natives:

George Goch Hostel
Greater Johannesburg's hostels accomodate some 50 000 African migrants in buildings which are prominent features of the residential landscape. Hostelling was conceived and implemented by the infant town council in 1912 partly to end slum dwelling. Subsequently two main phases of construction followed promulgation of parliamentary acts and involved placing more hostels in African townships than in white areas. The bleak and regimented world of the hostel speaks to a practice of providing migrants with the bare minimum shelter and amenities which will avoid disruption of migrancy. The socially unnatural and sometimes violent life in hostels tells of the conditions which migrants will endure so as to secure a precious toehold in the metropolitan economy.

The cordon-and-search operations were conducted at the Wolhulter and George Goch hostels in Jeppe and the Denver hostel in Cleveland between 1am and 7am.

"Members of the SANDF from 21 South African Infantry Battalion were tasked with forming outer perimeter security rings while SAPS members entered the premises and carried out search, seizure and arrest duties," she said.

Earlier on Thursday, National Intelligence Agency director general Manala Manzini said that in the run-up to the 1994 democratic elections, "elements" that supported the apartheid regime had delivered weapons to hostels for use in attacking communities.

"We are beginning to see those movements taking place currently. Into hostels where people are beginning to organise and resuscitate some of those people that they have had contact with in the past," Manzini said in Cape Town.

"To provoke and encourage them to unleash violence. That we are beginning to pick up," he told African intelligence heads.

More than 40 people have been killed and 17 000 displaced in xenophobic violence that started in Alexandra on May 12. - Sapa

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Part of the opening will also be the projection of 'Men Only', a new body of work by young photographer Sabelo Mlangeni on life in the George Goch hostel. ... -

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