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Graafwater (B 14)


Graafwater is situated approximately 300km north of Cape Town in the Sandveld. The town is situated about halfway between Clanwilliam and Lamberts Bay. After the railway junction between Cape Town and Bitterfontein was build in 1910, the town Graafwater was established. The local Dutch Reformed Church of Leipoldtville developed the town further. The Graafwater Dutch Reformed church formed its own congregation after a few years.

Olaff Bergh came to Graafwater in November 1682 in search of the mythical gold fields of Monomotapa. Bergh and his party stayed at a cave about 30km north of Graafwater that is known as the Heerenlogement. Another famous visitor that "lodged" at the Heerenlogement is Simon van der Stel. The lettering "Simon van der Stel commandeur aan de Caap de Goede Hoop" was chiseled on the rock face in 1685. The Heerenlogement became a permanent visitor's book with 130 dated named, 30 undated names and 14 sets of initials.

Tourist Information
Cederberg Municipality
Private Bag X06
Graafwater, 8120
Tel : +27 (0) 27 422 1108
Fax : +27 (0) 27 422 1109
e-mail : Main Attractions and Activities
Fourwinds Protea Farm
Olaff Bergh Stone & fountain on the Klipfontein farm
Wildflowers in flower season (Spring)
Zink Blockhouse on the Graafwater farm

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Graafwater was established after the railway junction was built in 1910 between Cape Town and Bitterfontein. The town was further developed by the local Dutch Reformed Church of Leipoldtville. A few years later Graafwater Dutch Reformed Church formed its own congregation. Leipoldtville was named after Friederich Leipoldt, the then minister at Clanwilliam and father of poet and author C.Louis Leipoldt.
• Cederberg Municipality,
Private Bag X02
8135 Tel.: 027 422 1108
Fax : 027 422 1109

• Fourwinds Protea Farm 027 422 1732
• Heerenlogement (overhanging rock used as overnight place by early settlers) 027 422 1723
• Oloff Bergh Stone & Fountain on the farm Klipfontein
• Wild Flowers in Spring
• Zink Blockhouse on the farm Graafwaterplaas.

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