Sunday, October 4, 2009

Frere (J 12)

Name: Frere

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With the railway in sight, the Boers commanded the high ground in the area with two guns and a pom-pom. They derailed an armoured train here on 15 November 1899 by placing stones between the rails. Thereafter they had the Dublin Fusiliers and the Durban Light Infantry, who were manning the guns of the train, at their mercy. The scene of the action was here at the junction of the old road to Estcourt with the main road at Frere. Winston Churchill, then a military correspondent of the "Morning Post", was captured (but not by Gen Louis Botha, as he was led to believe) at the site. A marker recording his capture and the scene of the action is placed at the curve of the railway at the foot of a hill.

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