Thursday, October 22, 2009

Gondola (K 4)


A factory to process biofuel made from jatropha is due to be set up next year in the Gondola district of Mozambique's Manica Province

An industrial unit to refine gold is to be installed in the central Mozambican central province of Manica before the end of this year, reports the Beira daily paper "Diario de Mocambique".

This is an undertaking by the South African "Tsoza Refinery" company, budgeted at 17 million US dollars, which is planning to establish posts to purchase unprocessed gold in various parts of the country.

The Deputy Minister of Mineral Resources, Abdul Razak said in the locality of Cafumpe, in the Manica district of Gondola, that the presence of the South African company there will help Mozambique to export processed gold and thus gain added value.

A significant part of the physical structure of the factory has already been completed, and it will be able process about 40 kilos of gold every three to four hours in the initial stage, according to Christo Bezarmanis, one of the factory's managers.

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Salomão Bandeira was born on 17 September 1965 at Maxixe, west of Inhambane Bay, in southern Mozambique, an area of coastal mosaic vegetation interspersed with coconut tree plantations. The area, including the bay, has extensive mangroves and seagrass beds. He spent most of his childhood at Gondola, a railway village in central Mozambique, which consists primarily of miombo and mixed woodland. When Salomão went out to cultivate the family fields or walked to school, or explored the surrounding areas during his free time, he was already observing the natural world around him, eager to learn all he could about it.

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